30 Pieces/Box Smoking Cessation Patch

  • ANTI SMOKE PATCH: Each day you smoke less and gradually reduce your nicotine dependence while preparing yourself to quit for good. The anti-smoke patch after under the skin directly, it lowers the dependence to nicotine. Through continuous use of smoking cessation patch, alleviate smokers on smoking of physical dependence and psychological dependence. Quitting smoking is a long process, and smoking cessation patches can help you a lot.
  • APPLICABLE USER: For people with ivory black and bad breath by years of smoking, For people who are determined to quit smoking and realize that smoking is harmful, in fact actually they only need the nicotine inside the tobacco. People who want to quit smoking, People who want to reduce the numbers of cigarettes. People who want to avoid passive smoking. Individual feeling the itch is in a normal phenomenon, just patch plastic edges and skin friction causes only.
  • USAGE AND DOSAGE: Before attaching the smoking cessation patches, please keep your skin dry. Remove the anti-adhesion protection membrane, paste the patch on the cleaned upper parts of the body, such as arm, thigh, trunk, hip, the scapula alternatively use. Attach the anti-smoke patches every early morning after getting up using in the daytime, better removing it before going to bed. Change a new one after 4 hours.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENT: Healthy natural good ingredients, such as natural tobacco extract, licorice, clove, menthol, citric acid, hops. The active ingredients are extracted from natural tobacco leaf (only 0.7%) and Chinese herbs without any chemicals or other unhealthy contents. The effective natural contents may reduce the intake of nicotine and decompose nicotine existed in the body at the same time.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Anti smoke patch adopted delayed-release transdermal technology, through the skin release including nicotine, a variety of substances. Calm nerves, refreshing, and to avoid the oronasal smoking mainly in the lungs causing damage. The active ingredients can penetrate the skin and act at the sensitive nervous system. It may recover the central nervous function which is destroyed by nicotine and may stimulate the gustatory cells in the mouth.

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