Raiuleko 4pcs Natural Silicone Cupping Therapy Set Health Care Small Body Anti Cellulite Vacuum Silicone Massager Cupping Cups

  •  Not Fragile & Easy to Go: Unlike traditional Glass Cups, Silicone Cupping Set will not break and bring a more convenient way to use with one-press Only. Relief Pain Like Muscle & Joint Pain, Shoulder & Back Pain, Knee Pain, and Injury Recovery. Comes with a portable bag, can be used anytime anywhere.
  •  Effective Treatment: Easy-to-use silicone massage cups for cupping can help relax sore muscles, improve circulation, detoxify your body and relieve inflammation or fibromyalgia. Clear the meridians, Qi, blood, and cold dampness. It eliminates blood stasis syndrome and detumescence and relieves pain. Targets different symptoms and accurately locates corresponding treatment points.
  •  Gentle On Sensitive Skin: After several experiments and tests, our product has a very soft circumference, and the cup edge does not injure the skin. The adsorption capacity of the cup can easily achieve the efficacy of treatment.
  • Widely Used: These cups can be used on most parts of your body like joints, knees, elbows and other locations can be cupped. Very effective in treating these joints.

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